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Women can benefit greatly from having a heavy bag installed in the privacy of their home. Namely, they will be capable of working out regularly by hitting the bag, staying physically active and engaging many of their muscles in this unique and effective exercise routine. Subsequently, they will stay fit and healthy.

Benefits of Heavy Bag Workouts

Heavy bag is one of the best possible pieces of equipment, when it comes to bodybuilding. However, the trainings can be tiring and very demanding. Therefore, it is best for you to focus on shorter sessions which will allow you to maintain your fitness without hurting yourself.

Make sure you create about 5 feet of empty space around the heavy bag, keeping it raised at your eye level. While you exercise with a heavy bag, keep in mind that you need to shift your weight from one leg to the other and balance your body well. Twisting your torso this way will boost your strength and stamina. Also, it will increase your core strength and help you develop the power necessary for advancing in this type of training.

Heavy Bag Workout Routine

Start your routine by warming up and stretching a bit. Once this is done, start punching the bag lightly, until your hands get tired. Usually, two minutes of initial punching will suffice. Once the two minutes pass, take a minute break and repeat the process, increasing the intensity if you can manage this.

Then, practice one of the most important boxing punches, the straight jab. While maintaining a proper posture for boxing, keeping one of your hands in front of your face, straighten it out completely, punching the bag directly in the desired spot. As you perform the jabs, move sideways around the bag, delivering blows. Additionally, perform at least two rounds of jabs with both of your feet forward.

Advanced routine

Once you master this, move on to jab cross. This punch is performed by standing with your feet shoulder-length apart with toes pointing in front of you. Keep your hands in a blocking position, covering your face with fists closed. Then shift your entire weight onto the left foot, turning the ball of the right foot out and delivering a punch with your right hand. Alternate afterwards.

Finally, you can perform jab hooks. Slightly bend your legs at the knees and mover your dominant leg a bit backwards. Move your hands away from your face, twist your body and deliver a hooked blow to the bag. The closer you are, the stronger the hit is. Swap legs and swap hands. Moreover, you may perform a double hook, hitting the bag with your left hand first and with your right immediately afterwards. Also, move the hits lower and higher, getting the hang of it better since some heights may be more difficult to hit at.

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