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It is obvious that living today without any physical activity simply does not offer any mental refuge. Whatever happens to us, emotionally and mentally can put a major strain and cause a lot of stress. Physical activity prevents the further complications, although the problem remains. When it comes to sports, it is a great way to combine both living healthy and earning for living. Sport is a specific life pathway, because in order to have a normal life and be an active sportsman requires a lot of sacrifice and a constant streaming toward the best possible result. This means that no second place will ever satisfy a true competing athlete.


Wrestling is one of the oldest sports today and is among the first that was included as one of the elements in Olympic Games. We can say that it is a sort of martial art and as such, it has specific requirements when it comes to body shape and fitness form. More or less, all martial arts develop both types of muscles equally, so-called red and white muscles. This is because martial arts need strength, speed, flexibility, agility and why not, mental sharpness, which comes with extensive knowledge of various techniques and implementing those same techniques while competing.

Wrestling exercises

This means that workouts for wrestlers (all possible types, including lifting, too) are numerous and not easy at all, especially, when preparing for a competition. Even though mentioned balance between the muscle types exists in mostly all martial arts, wrestling is a bit different with a focus on the anaerobic power in extremities. This means that strength is very important and therefore is what wrestles excel at.

There are several things that strength training achieves and the first and most obvious one is increased muscle mass (hypertrophy). The second one would be a so-called maximal strength, which can be defined as the maximum force that a sportsman can create. Another important element is explosive power – training in this area will teach the muscles to react and contract as fast as humanly possible, which is an excellent thing, especially when facing an opponent in a tournament. Strength endurance might also be important, although it is much more needed in sport activities like running, swimming etc.

Applying lifting workout will enhance mentioned strength elements, which will help with the overall shape of a wrestler. Although the strength is just one of the things needed for a wrestler to become number one in a competition, diets, rest, avoiding alcohol and nicotine, learning all possible techniques and variations, are all needed for a professional wrestler to become the best.

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