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What is Kickboxing?

As you have probably heard, kickboxing is a type of martial arts, using your limbs in order to deliver punches and kicks. Originally, this martial art was developed in the Far East. Today, however, people around the world practice and perform kickboxing for various reasons. Namely, some of them desire to stay in shape and use this sport for these purposes.

Others might want to develop their skills for self-defense or take part in many different kickboxing competitions which are held around the world. There are many other reasons why people take up this incredibly beneficial sport. Its secret lies in the fact that kickboxing has punches and kicks which were developed in order to give you the best advantage over the opponent facing you in a fight. Nevertheless, these demanding moves may be all you need for a good training where you can burn calories and get your body going.

Kickboxing Moves

The first type of punches to be mentioned here are the jabs. Jabbing, logically, involves a direct hit in the face of the opponent, where the striker it to return his or her hands in a defensive, cross position afterwards. Cross, on the other hand is a punch which is thrown from one hand to the opposite side of the opponent. For example, if you engage a cross punch from your left arm, you will end it on the right side of opponent. Usually, jabs and crosses are the two most commonly combined types of punches in kickboxing often used in series.

Next, come the uppercuts. These punches are considered more of a surprise ones since they are more serious than these mentioned previously. An uppercut starts from the torso, moving towards the chin and ending there, striking one below the chin. An additional heavy punch is the hook, where an attacker delivers a side blow with one of his or her hands.

As far as kicks are concerned, there are several of these in every kick boxer's sleeve too. There is the front kick, which is performed by raising your knee towards your chest and delivering a blow by straightening your leg in the front and using your heels or foot, aiming for the opponent's chest or head.

Roundhouse kicks involve a different technique, since these strong kicks are delivered from the side, striking the opponent with our upper foot at any part of his/her body with our knee bent before the kick is released.

Finally, there is the side kick, which is performed by turning your body to the side, bending your leg at the knee and kicking the opponent with the back of your foot. This is usually aimed for the head, even though it can strike anywhere.

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