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Winsor Pilates is developed by the certified Pilates instructor Mari Winsor. Mari Winsor is a dancer, teacher, author, and the one of the most prominent Pilates instructors in the world. She developed a new system of Pilates that meets the demands of modern men and women. This type of exercise also improves one’s health but the accent is on losing weight, sculpturing the body and doing a powerful abdominal workout. Mari Winsor is well known for her series of videos in which she demonstrates the easiest way to get your body in shape by targeting workouts for your complete muscular system. Today it is very easy to practice Winsor Pilates in all parts of the world, including Canada, owing to the Windsor Pilates videos and DVDs.

About Winsor Pilates

Pilates is one of the best physical exercises from which the whole of your body can benefit. Pilates conditions the body, reawakes, and stimulates the brain cells. This way, the whole body and mind will be awakened and function properly. The traditional Pilates is developed at the beginning of the 20th century. This system was originally designed by German athlete Joseph Pilates, as a series of mat exercises aimed to balance the body, strengthen the muscles, improve natural range of motion, and promote physical and mental health. This system was originally named “the art of controlology” but it was later renamed to Pilates, to honor its inventor. What is new in Mari Winsor’s Pilates?

Mari Winsor suggests the modern interpretation of Pilates that involves dynamic stretching. This is a unique fitness system that helps your body stay lean and sculptured owing to the series of mat exercises performed in dynamic sequences. This is actually what makes this system completely different from all other interpretations of Pilates. Dynamic sequencing involves specific series of exercises performed at a specific pace. Moreover, this physical exercise is not very much time-consuming and most of the practitioners can benefit from as 20 minutes a day, just 3 times a week. The results can be seen very fast, and the person becomes more flexible with every workout. The short training will not even work up a sweat, but the practitioner will feel completely invigorated and refreshed.

Starting with the training

The best way to start with the training is to purchase Windsor Pilates videos and DVDs. However, you may also benefit from supervised training in the Winsor Pilates exercise centers all over Canada. Here you can get a lot of handy accessories such as mats, balls, and of course – video sets!

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