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Many people around the world train in Wing Chun in numerous schools under the guidance of their respective instructors. Some schools emphasize the physical aspects while the other put more emphasis on the internal aspects of Wing Chun.


Wing Chun requires a person to develop good, strong stances, dynamic footwork first and foremost. Over the few months a person learns how to prepare the legs for the sophisticated techniques. Legs must have the needed stamina and strength for the advanced maneuvers. All these qualities can be obtained by simple and effective practicing. The desired product of the exercises is to develop long, strong and flexible muscles. Considerable footwork drills are commonly combined with the stationary leg training while the stance turning, triangular stepping and adduction stepping drills get combined into a single continuous exercise. These exercises are great for overall cardiovascular health. The Wing Chun approach provides the student with the ability to relax the legs and increase their endurance and strength at the same time. Stretching exercises are very important for the aforementioned qualities. The rigorous training of Wing Chun provides the legs with flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance.

Upper Body

The upper body Wing Chun training is very rigorous but it provides the student with the desired short power skills. The training increases the power and the speed of hands. The huening exercises are very efficient in improving the flexibility, tone and strength of the arms. They also provide the wrists with flexibility and strength. These exercises develop the specific muscle groups and apply a gentle pressure to internal organs and provide them with the vital chi.

Body Tone and Chi

The long angular muscles are developed in that way because that form augments the free flow of chi energy. Wing Chun provides the body with the flexible muscle groups which fortify the immune system, have a better chi flow and strengthen the internal organs. It is essential for good combat abilities but it also provides an enhanced resistance to sickness and a faster recovery from injuries and ailments. Wing Chun provides relaxation to the mind and the body so that chi can flow through in an unrestricted manner. The alignment of mind and body is of utmost importance.

Body and Mind

Wing Chun utilizes breathing practices and standing meditation to unite the body with the mind. Calm breathing is the first step, while reverse breathing comes after that. Mushin is a state of consciousness that one obtains by practicing breath training and meditation.

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