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Pilates is a practice not limited to studios or gyms. It can be performed at home or at work and there are many ways of doing so. The practice itself can be beneficial for the whole body, but especially for the core; as it looks to build strength and flexibility throughout the body, the core will experience particular benefits. Joseph Pilates, who called his method Contrology, developed Pilates in the first half of the twentieth century. The method can be useful for pregnant women, but should only be undertaken, in this case, after professional consultation. So, let’s examine the different techniques and methods that can help you use Pilates to gain the results you desire.


In general, Pilates requires a minimum of equipment, but there are varying types of accessories or accompaniments that can help one enhance a Pilates workout. One of these pieces of equipment is the Pilates mat, upon which one can perform all Pilates movements. If required, consult an instructor for help with these maneuvers. Other accessories that can be used to assist one’s Pilates training include bands, rings, chairs, Pilates machines and even Pilates videos or games.

Bands add resistance to a workout, thus enhancing the efficiency of the movements. These bands can be used outside and are suitable for beginners and experts. Rings are another way of adding resistance, and are also portable and usable anywhere. If one is seeking additional help with a Pilates workout, one might also try following a workout through a video or DVD.

The creator of Pilates also gave us the Pilates chair. These chairs can help tone the body as well as providing cardiovascular benefits. A step up from the Pilates chair is the Pilates machine. Machines add further resistance to a workout and some types of machines can even provide a workout that is equivalent to a treadmill workout.

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When buying any kind of Pilates equipment or accessory, make sure it is suited to your needs and that it is appropriate for the use you intend. Make sure to follow through with your interest after purchasing and if necessary, create a Pilates schedule for yourself in order to do so. Further to this, ensure you select the right instructor and follow the right advice as there exists a legal loophole allowing anyone who desires to offer Pilates training to do so. This is as a result of a recent court case that declared the term “Pilates” to be a term of unrestricted use.

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