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Pilates Basic Characteristics

Pilates is a system of physicalexercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century.It involves series of the exercises with the main focus upon connectingone's muscle movement with his or her mind, along with maintaininggracious body movements. This way of physical activity, combined withother workout techniques, guarantees better results and moreeffective muscle production and development. It is therefore widelyused today, with numerous people enjoying its effectiveness, eventhough it was originally meant to serve as a rehabilitation programfor injured soldiers. Regardless of its apparent gentle nature, pilates offers a possibility of quick body growth and flexibilitydevelopment, as well as many other benefits.

How Does Pilates Work?

First of all, the very foundation of pilates rests upon proper posture, movement coordination, breathingand concentration. As far as muscles this type of exercising tends todevelop, these are mainly those forming the central part of our body,including abdominal, chest, hips and buttocks. Therefore, stemmingfrom the very center of our body, pilates develops our muscularstrength and elasticity, without making our body figure too pumped oreccentric. Rather, it enables our body to function better and become moreresistant to injuries due to the increased strength of the veryfibers our muscles are made of.

Benefits of Pilates

First of all, pilates has an overalleffect on your body. This means that it does not concentrate solelyon certain body parts like arms, legs etc. It triggers many differentmuscles at once, forcing them to work in a very productivecoordination, resulting in a more thorough effect afterwards.

Secondly, even though, as mentionedabove, this workout method is not as visible as bodybuilding, itstill increases one's strength drastically. Thus, it presents anexcellent choice for women who desire to be fit without havingexcessive muscle mass as well as men who have the same, or similargoals.

Another benefit is that, in order toenjoy pilates and its benefits, you do not have to worry aboutyour age or physical competence. There are many different workoutplans made separately and specifically for different ages. Thereby,children, adults, as well as older people, all can freely indulgeinto the world of pilates.

Finally, concentrating on increasingyour stamina along with your overall physical condition, pilatesincreases your energy and moves forward the borders of your physicalcapabilities, triggering advancement upon every single session.

For all these, and many other reasons,this workout program is excellent for many who desire to stayhealthy, fit and strong.

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