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Embetter the healthof your body and mind

Pilates itself hascome to be viewed as a quite important part of the peoples’ daily reality, notonly because it helps one stay in shape, but also because it has the mostbeneficial effect on one’s mental health, as well overall bodily health. Inaddition, it is known to increase and embetter the person’s flexibility, bodily awarenessand focus in general.

Prior to continuing,there is one but extremely important fact that needs to be pointed out. It refers to the fact that Pilates does not belong either to the category of cardioexercises or to the category of aerobic exercises. As a matter of fact thistechnique adjoining a set of exercises aimed at boosting the overall strengthof the core muscles is also known under the name of resistance exercises. Forthose who are not that familiar with the role of core muscles, the most significantthing is to know that they are regarded as important constituents responsiblefor strengthening the spinal alignment. What is also brought together by the strength of the coremuscles is the strengthening of the abdomen, as well as pelvis,hips and the person’s spine.

Pilates in thecomfort of one’s home

Role up – is one of the exercises fromthis category that is regarded as the best there is if one seeks to gain those beautifullyflat abs. The first step is to lie down on the floor mat, straightening one’shands over the head. Scapulas should be anchored and toes must point in theupward direction. Chin is to touch the chest and to be kept in that positionthe entire time. Once this position taken up, next to do is roll one’s spineupwards, curling in a slow manner forward and attempting to touch one’s feetwith straight hands. To finish up, one uncurls his/her body leisurely and liesdown again. Important as well is to follow proper breathing patterns, i.e.when curling up one’s body, a person needs to exhale slowly, pressing the bellytightly to the spine. When uncurling, one needs to inhale slowly.

One leg circle – the first step is thesame as in the previous exercise with the only difference being in arm position, which should be kept straight on the floor. Next is to lift one leg andstraighten it up so as to make an angle as closest to the 90 degrees aspossible. Once this done, the leg should be rotated in a clockwise direction. Oncethe leg crosses over the body, one should inhale, and once it goes downward andprior to starting the second repetition, one should exhale. At least five repetitionsare recommended for this exercise to be effective.

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