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Pilates training is verybeneficial, which is why it is popular among many people who are physicallyactive, and those who want to shape their body and look good. There aresome advantages that it offers which is why it has become more popular thanaerobic. Here we will mention some of the advantages of pilates. The first oneis related to the fact that it provides development and strengthening of allmuscles in your body. When you are working out in a classical manner, you aredeveloping a specific group of muscles and they are getting bigger while withpilates the muscles are not getting so big, but they are getting stronger andevery muscle is active. During pilates you are also strengthening yourstabilizer muscles which is not the case when doing standard exercises. It isvery helpful in balancing your body because of the slowly and smoothlyperformed exercises.

Pilates is also very beneficialfor your psychological well-being, and due to the awareness of your bodymovements and your breathing, it helps you to concentrate and release thestress. Pilates is actually based on philosophy, yoga and martial arts and ithelps you to strengthen the core of your body, the core being related to themuscles on your belly and back. Breathing is extremely important in theseexercises, since without proper breathing, you won’t be able to fully takeadvantage of these exercises. Because of its positive effect on all the musclesin the body, the chances to get injured are decreased. With this kind oftraining, your body will be flexible and adjustable which will keep you safe from injuries. Pilates will change the way you move, walk, run and do any otheractivity. It will make all these activities easier to perform.

Because of all these benefits, itis especially helpful in older people who have problems with joints. It willhelp their body to be more flexible and decrease the risk of physical trauma.However, you should be aware that pilates may not be beneficial for everyperson, and the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor, so that he couldadvise you whether to continue with your exercises or not. When doing theseexercises you shouldn’t be in pain, so if you are then the pain indicatesthat something is just not right. If you can’t perform some exercise youshould be persistent and start all over again. As you can see pilates has manyadvantages and it is healthy for your body and soul. Those are good enoughreasons to start with the exercises.

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