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The pilates is an exercise routine and a method of body conditioning that reawakens and stimulates brain cells, boosting the functioning of the mind. An athlete named Joseph Pilates invented this method at the beginning of the 20th century. Pilates’ exercises are designed to improve motion, strengthen and improve mental and physical harmony. Winsor pilates is a variation of the traditional pilates developed by Mari Winsor, a dancer, author and pilates instructor. Winsor pilates is a low-impact program developed for body sculpturing and calorie burning, through a series of dynamic sequencing workout.
Benefits of Winsor pilates
Winsor pilates has many benefits. Most of the people practice this exercise routine for weight loss and body toning. This is a great way to shape the body and build a slender and elegant figure. Dynamic sequencing used in Winsor pilates is a combination of exercises done in particular order and rhythm to produce a maximum result. In addition to body sculpturing and weight loss, Winsor pilates offers excellent abdominal workout. It improves the posture, builds up strength and endurance and increases the natural range of motion. As any other low impact physical exercise, Winsor pilates will also help to release the stress and lower the blood pressure. Winsor pilates improves the blood circulation and therefore, supplies all of the body tissues with oxygen and nutrients. People who practice Winsor pilates usually feel very good after the class, they feel relaxed and vigorous, which makes this exercise program a great method of stress relief.
Before starting with Winsor pilates
The most important thing before starting with the training is to understand this is the advanced pilates training. People willing to use pilates as a rehabilitative tool should probably stick to classic pilates or yoga exercises. There are a lot of books by Mari Winsor, and more than 30 different videos and DVDs targeting specific audiences. One can choose the most appropriate training and start working either on weight loss, building the abdominal muscles, sculpting the upper body or any other fitness goal. In addition to books and videos an exerciser should get a traditional pilates mat. Pilates mats are available in different colors and sizes. It is very important to pick the one that can support the whole body. The best pilates mats are firm since the soft ones do not support the balance and alignment of the body. For advanced training, one can get an exercise ring, also known as the magic circle. It is typically made of flexible metal or rubber, with small pads on either side. It is used to provide a slight resistance during exercise.

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