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The table salt we consume is more dangerous than we perceive it to be. Basically, experiments have shown that this salt is one of the deadliest corrosive substances in the chemical world. Therefore, table salt is known to eat us away, gradually but severely.

Our table salt consists of sodium chloride. However, this element is also present in nature. Nevertheless, there, it is not isolated but, rather, combined with magnesium, potassium and many other vital minerals. In fact, once we establish a healthy balance between sodium chloride and vital nutrients, we gain from its consumption. Moreover, the sodium chloride found in nature is organic, immediately being healthier than its industrial alternative resting on our table, waiting to be consumed, for better or worse.

Life without Salt

If you happen to avoid salt, when it comes to your nutrition, you will avoid various conditions such as hyperacidity. This health problem is triggered by chlorine from the salt, which takes the place of hydrochloric acid in our stomach. This compensation triggers ulcers and numerous gastrointestinal diseases.

Calcium deficiency will also be kept at bay, once you skip salt during your diet. Excess of sodium chloride in our tissues leads to decreased absorption of calcium, affecting the health of our nervous system, our bones and tissues in general, leading to numerous inflammations.

Speaking of nerves, salting a wound is known to be extremely painful and destructive. Also, exposing your eyes to salt is something you do not want to do. This is so due to the capability of salt to interfere with the functioning of delicate body membranes. Subsequently, excessive salt in our organism makes us lack fluids and causes us to absorb food less efficiently, disturbing the osmotic pressure in the tissues and upsetting the balance of nerve cells.

A single gram of salt is capable of binding and holding 70g of water in our tissues. Therefore, salt is one of the major causes of water retention. Thereby, cessation of salt consumption would result in less weight problems, less edemas, swellings and bloating affecting kidneys, the gallbladder and many glands in our body.

Stay away from Salt

Simply put, the table salt we consume has dangerous combination of chemicals and sodium chloride. Once you avoid salt, you keep yourself safe from this. Additionally, salt contains spores and bacteria.

Finally, skipping salt would grant you a life without hypertension problems, since salt is one of the most common triggers of high blood pressure.

All in all, now you know the dangers the little shaker on your desk contains. Remove it and live a significantly healthier life.

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