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Information on Mouth Roof

Painful mouth roof is a rather common medical condition and it affects many people. It is very similar to the muscular catch and it occurs when the peristaltic actions pulls the pharynx muscles. Movement of the jaw muscles can also be the cause of this medical condition. It occurs when a person opens the mouth too widely and certain nerves get depressed.

One of possible cause is an electrolyte imbalance in the patient’s body. The mouth roof can also become painful after consuming spicy or hot food. Hot tea, coffee or other types of beverage may also be the trigger of painful sensations at the roof of the mouth. The roof of the mouth is medically referred to as the palate and it consists of soft tissues, referred to as the torus palatinus and a bony structure above these tissues.

Sometimes a muscle spasm may occur when the jaws are opened as wide as possible which is usually due to an imbalance of electrolytes in the muscles. Electrical currents from the nerves supply the muscles with impulses that make them move.

The acetylcholine triggers the release of sodium ions and the entry of potassium ions into the channels which transport the potassium and sodium.

When there is not enough potassium in the human body the electrolytes become imbalanced which leads to involuntary muscle contractions widely known as spasms.


The best to relieve this type of medical conditions is to use the potassium chloride solution which is very easy to get hold of. It has a very vile taste and it needs to be mixed with honey before the actual consumption.

It can also be of great help to consume different types of food which are known for being remarkable sources of potassium. These may include different types of citrus foods and bananas.

Sometimes, the condition may involve ulcers or blisters which may be very painful so they may cause difficulties when consuming foods and liquids.

Baking soda may be applied to the affected area in a topical manner. It needs to be applied a few times a day and it should provide complete relief over the course of a few days. One may also apply some ice on the affected area in order to relieve the pain.

Yogurt is also very beneficial when it comes to the treatment of painful roof of the mouth. Consuming plenty of vitamin E and vitamin C is also a good idea. Spicy and salty foods should be avoided.

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