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Background and history

Under the guise of its nature given form, salt is considered to be one of the oldest diet add ons. In the present time, when overall progress has brought about advances in the many areas, it is no wonder that we have at our disposal a great abundance of healthy energy drinks, various supplements, as well as different energy builders that are particularly effective when it comes to enhancing the athlete’s stamina, but that of regular people also. The substance in question, in its tablet form, has been employed ever since the early 1800s, most frequently by labor workers who were employed to do various works in those hottest and heaviest industrial surroundings. Soon it also found its use among the soldiers participating in the World War II, aiding them in keeping their bodies fit and guarding them from dehydration, especially in hostile environments such as deserts and jungles of the world. When having presence in mind, they have been increasingly employed in various sports with the aim of providing additional boost to the professional and amateur athletes.

Salt tablets revealed

The tablets in question consist of sodium and chloride, and are more commonly referred to as the salt pills. These are most commonly sold and distributed as supplements that are to significantly contribute to the person’s diet. As many of us are already familiar, salt itself is excreted from our bodies primarily through sweat and thus all the salt that has been lost in this manner is most efficiently made up for by the intake of the tablets in question. In case these tablets are not consumed in combination with water, one of the possible side effects is the breaking of the salt balance in the body of a person in question. Therefore, in order for our bodies to have a healthy metabolism, it is essential to keep a proper salt balance at all times. In general, the greatest majority of people does not need these tablets, exactly because most of the people do take in necessary additional amounts of salt through different food and sources alike, which especially goes for those who eat packaged food a lot, as well as for those who tend to eat out more than usual.


As already mentioned and to the most people familiar, the salt from our bodies is excreted by means of either perspiration or urination. During the process of sweating, there also occurs the release of the potassium, which is in itself another variety of salt. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that a significant amount of sodium does remain inside our bodies. Some of the ways to compensate for sodium is by use of various dietary sources, as well as numerous supplements. This way a person is surely to maintain the appropriate salt levels, which are otherwise lost in a natural manner. The tablets in question are also frequently employed as nutrition “helpers” in cases of heat prostration, cramping of the muscles, fatigue chronic in nature and similar conditions.

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