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When you are thirsty, you face three main choices. Firstly, you may have a glass of tap water, exposing yourself to the potentially dangerous dosages of fluoride. Secondly, you may purchase purified water which is deprived of almost all nutrients. Finally, you can opt for mineral water which replenishes your fluids and improves your health with numerous minerals it contains. The choice is yours.

Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Water

Natural mineral water comes from natural sources, being groundwater, completely safe from preservatives and additives as well as other unhealthy chemicals. As it was mentioned above, mineral water is not the same as other, commonly chosen obtainable types of water. It contains minerals which were left intact and unmodified in any way, making this type of water an excellent health booster. Plus, it will quench your thirst without problems.

What is Healthy in Mineral Water?

We can start with calcium, which makes our bones stronger and denser, preventing fractures or certain bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Next, by drinking mineral water you provide your body with magnesium which is more than beneficial for your organism, boosting your immune system, making yourself less prone to developing illnesses.

Moreover, mineral water is packed with sulfate which cleanses the body and expels toxins from it. Additionally, iron levels in mineral water do wonders for our skin, improving our aesthetic appearance, raising our energy levels and transferring oxygen to other parts of our body.

However, this is not all, since mineral water is rich in zinc, sodium, potassium and chloride, all of which are good for our organism and our overall health. Finally, mineral water keeps our teeth healthy by removing chances of any inflammations taking place in the mouth. Due to these qualities, people with joint problems are advised to consume mineral water. Also, this beverage is known to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

When to Drink Mineral Water?

Mineral water consumption will prevent kidney stones from forming. Also, it will contribute to the expelling of any current kidney stones you might be having, preventing gout as well. Pregnant women are also advised to drink mineral water, providing their babies with all the nutrients they need. Finally, even sparkling mineral water is good for you, having an additional health property of destroying germs which affect your body.

All in all, there is not a single bad side to mineral water. Thus, consume it with joy, knowing that you are contributing to your overall well-being, being less prone to illnesses and more prone to a healthy, happy life.

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