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Change the way you eat to achieve healthier and longer life.Several things are not good for your health, including the salt, margarine, whitesugar and white bread.

Avoid Salt

Too much salt in the diet is not good for your health. Eatingsalty food is not always bad, but try to use good quality natural sea salt,instead the cheapest option at your supermarket. Give yourself some timeto adjust to changes. Start lowering the amount of salt you use every day, orevery week if you prefer so. Your taste buds will eventually get used to verylittle salt in the food and you won’t miss it anymore. Processed food is provento contain much more salt than necessary. Because of that, people buying andeating in fast food restaurants need to stop that habit and eat something healthier and less salty.Even snacks contain completely unnecessary salt which is nothealthy at all. Recent studies associated too much salt in the diet with theincreased risk of high blood pressure. According to that, people suffering fromhypertension are advised to decrease or completely avoid salt in their menu.

Margarine is Bad

Margarine contains plenty of different chemicals andpreservatives and therefore can’t be good for human consumption. Use unsaltedbutter or extra virgin olive oil at all times instead of margarine. You mayalso combine little bit of butter and a lots of olive oil and make a mixture a lothealthier and more tasteful than margarine. Just place it in the refrigeratorand use.

Don’t Use White Sugar

White sugar is another harmful thing we eat every day. In everyprocessed meal or sweets there is an extremely high amount of sugar, because thismakes the food taste better. Go for raw sugar instead of white one or usehoney whenever you can. Honey is known for centuries to be one of the healthiestfoods you can find, so use it. Choose organic honey on a honey farm or atyour local health store. Heated, filtered or processed honey is better thanwhite sugar, but the organic kind has more benefits for your health.

White Bread is Not A Good Thing

There is no nutritional value in white bread. Avoid theseand opt for fresh and organic breads made from whole grains. Avoid breadslabeled to contain additives and preservatives as well. You can make yourown bread, buying some organic flour and adding some water to it. Add some seasalt and/or some virgin olive oil and knead it. Let it rest for some 10 minutesand then bake the bread in the oven or on the grill.

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