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The Power of Caffeine

Many people cannot imagine their life without a fine cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drugs and nervousstimulants legally being consumed every day.

There are many effects coffee has onour body, affecting our perception, boosting our concentration andoverall awareness and doing many other things which make us go backto it over and over again. Numerous researches have dealt with theeffects of this beverage and came up with interesting results whichwill be presented in this article.

What Does Caffeine Do To Us?

Firsts of all, caffeine, being the main part of the coffee we consume, acts as a stimulant, raising ourawareness levels and interferes with the rest of the chemicals in our body. It activates the central nervous system and makes us wake upcompletely, become active and more productive.

In time, after experiencing thesepositive effects of caffeine, people become dependent on coffeeconsumption. Moreover, they feel strange if they skiptheir regular, or, perhaps, ritual, cup of coffee in the morning,followed by a couple of others during the day. This clearly indicatesthat caffeine is addictive and that it can make your body feel dependent.

Since the real effects of caffeinestart being prominent only 30 minutes after the consumption, many ofus are dealing with the placebo effect of awareness, increasedconcentration and other “boosts” which take place instantly, evenwhen we smell coffee. Therefore, we trick ourselves into thinking howwe need coffee in order to function properly, even though we do sowithout even being affected by it yet.

When it does kick in, caffeinemakes males more anxious with every cup they consume. Females aresomewhat resistant to this effect and this probably has something todo with the estrogen levels in their bodies which keep them protected. Caffeine stimulates adrenal glandsand triggers the production of anxiety hormones, making us feeltensed, anxious and stressed. Too much caffeine can also negatively affect your sleeping routine.

Moreover, during caffeine intoxication,when one has had too much of this beverage, he/she may startsuffering from caffeine-induced insomnia, heart problems, anxietydisorders and many other health problems. In the world of psychiatry new conditions that are the consequence of exposing yourself to too much caffeine appeared.

All in all, your daily caffeine dosageis crucial for your well-being. You may consume the beverage.However, keep yourself safe by drinking coffee in moderation.

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