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Role of kidneys

Blood carries more than oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients. It is also used as sewage system. Products of cell metabolism and physiological processes, which are typically unwanted in the organism, get dumped into blood. Role of kidneys is to purify blood by removing such products. If kidney function is somehow hampered, accumulation of those products in the organism will lead to all kinds of conditions, that may even lead to death. Here are a few advices to keep the kidneys in top working order.

Drink more water

Sufficient amount (and supply) of water is vital for normal function of every cell in our organism. Water gets expelled from our bodies by evaporation through sweating and breathing and through feces and urine. Lack of water hampers both kidney function and physiological processes, as most of these depend on adequate levels of required substances in form of aqueous solution. Lack of water makes everything in our blood and cells more concentrated and disrupts metabolic processes. Think of it as paddling through water and paddling through mud.Sufficient intake of water will replenish what water has been lost and enable kidneys to perform their filtration tasks with more ease.

Go easy on salt

Table salt is made of two substances: sodium and chlorine, which, in form of electrolytes (particles that are electrically charged when in water solute), regulate numerous processes that have to do with transport of all kinds of substances through cell membranes. Having too little sodium chloride (or salt) is as bad as having too much - if present in excessive quantities, they accumulate in kidneys and can lead to their failure. Kidneys will use lots of water to purify themselves from salt, which can lead to dehydration. So, try not to eat too salty food and if you do, drink lots of water.

Ease on the booze

Alcohol is also bad for two reasons that you did not already know. First, it is a diuretic, which means that it increases excretion of water through the kidneys and can thus cause dehydration, and second, it prevents other substances from being excreted. One of these substances is uric acid, whose accumulation in the body usually leads to gout.

Relieve your system

Urge to urinate is a signal to your brain that your urinary tract is at capacity. Keeping it in the red or pushing it past the limit will weaken your bladder (by overstretching its walls) and put unneeded and harmful hydraulic pressure on the kidneys. Also, substances that should be removed ASAP (which are why they are in your bladder in the first place) stay inside you for longer and can, in example, get a chance to crystallize in your kidneys and make foundation for a kidney stone. So, do not miss any opportunity to cleanse your system.

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