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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettesare a modern invention lauded as a more acceptable and healthier alternative toregular cigarette smoking. These cigarettes provide a method of minimizing thehealth risk of harming both the body of the smoker and, through second handsmoke, that of persons around the smoker. Their main advantage is the lack of harmfulsubstances normally found in traditional cigarettes. Smokers that attempt toquit the habit gradually are often recommended the electronic cigarette due toits similarity to the classic cigarette stick.

The Traits and Advantages of ElectronicCigarettes

Theelectronic cigarettes come in a pack that includes atomizers, battery packs,cartridges and a special smoking solution that simulates smoking satisfaction withoutthe poisonous ingredients of classic cigarettes. With a plethora of flavor tochoose from, such as coffee, vanilla, mint, strawberry and others, and thebefore mentioned package, electronic cigarettes also provide a smokingexperience unlike any other traditional smoking stick.

Consideringthe electronic cigarettes use a special solution which is atomized to deliver asimilar sensation to that of a normal cigarette, it can be said that theelectronic cigarettes are more economical. The cartridges in which thissolution is delivered are filled from a bottle that contains an equivalent of300 tobacco cigarettes, which suggest that the electronic cigarette can bedosed more easily.

Asmentioned, electronic cigarettes do not produce noxious gases and therefore donot give out second hand smoke, or harm the smoker himself. The lack of secondhand smoke allows the electronic cigarette to be used in pubs, bars and clubs,which are encouraged due to the health benefits of such an option.

Theelectronic cigarettes can be accessorized to make this option more fashionableand enhance the overall experience. These accessories include cigarette tins,velvet carrying pouches and porcelain electronic cigarette holders, with other accessoriessimilar to that of traditional cigarette accessories also available.

TheElectronic Cigarette Association (ECA) are in charge of monitoring and implementationmanufacturing standards, applying strict rules and standards to the productionof electronic cigarettes in order to ensure the safety of the consumers,especially considering the possibility of nicotine poisoning with the liquidnicotine solution. The ECA is in constant communication with industry forumsin order to maintain safety regulations.

Electroniccigarettes and all the components that function with it can only be used byindividuals that are 18 or 20 or older, depending on individual state lawsregarding access to such products.

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