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There Is Smoke, But Without Fire

The negative effects of smoking are allwell known and yet people still indulge in cigarettes, pipes, cigarsand other. This way, they risk developing numerous life-threateningconditions related to their lungs, heart, blood and other body parts.Many claim that they are incapable of quitting cigarettes due totheir taste, smell or, simply, the addictive nature of nicotinewithin them. Electric cigars have been on the market for a long timenow, and they have helped many quit their smoking habits. Namely,these products often resemble real cigarettes or cigars, even thoughthey might look like a standard ball point pen as well. However, theyare made of plastic, and go on batteries, producing either nicotineor non-nicotine smoke for you to inhale every time you happen todesire a cigarette. These products are either made for a single useor are rechargeable, lasting longer.

The Facts Behind E-cigarettes

Well, it certainly does not burn. Whatit does is create steam from the air moisture once you take it inyour mouth and try to inhale it like you do with actual cigarettes.These products have red led lights on their tips, emulating the lightcaused by cigarette burning. Thus, upon inhaling these e-cigarettes,you will inhale water vapor with some nicotine, if you use nicotinerecharge cartridges in your device of this type.

Since this device goes on batteries,you have to recharge it. These batteries are similar to those presentin our cell phones. Thus, you need to plug them in your electricpower source and charge them each day. All in all, you get acompletely natural nicotine dose, without all the other harmfulsubstances regular cigarettes have. Taking into consideration thatthere are over 2500 harmful substances in regular cigarettes, some ofwhich are also found in common rat poison, you will be avoiding thisway, it seems quite a fair trade.

Safety First, Effectiveness Crucial

Many different experts have declaredthis product healthy and recommended as a choice alternative to thatof cigarette smoking. On the other hand, many still clam that itlacks additional testing and that its effects are yet unknown.Nevertheless, many users have found their cure in these products andhave successfully quit smoking this way. It is true that nicotinestill gets inserted into your system, but, the amounts aresignificantly smaller. Moreover, you may choose cartridges withoutnicotine and therefore quit completely. All in all, e-cigarettes arecheap, easily obtainable and are better than regular cigarettes innumerous ways. Thus, for all these reasons, and many more, you canonly benefit from giving these a try.

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