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Introduction to E-cigarettes

For years now, the smokers and non-smokers have been bombardedwith negative information about cigarettes and smoking. The goal was to try andmake the smokers stop what they are doing, and the others not to try it at all.And it has partially worked. Some of the first ones quit smoking, and some ofthe latter intend never to start.

But, is that enough? Even though people are aware of the badeffect that tobacco smoking has on their health, they cannot stop, because theyare, to put it mildly, addicted. Theyare willing to overlook the fact that smoking can cause lung and many othercancers, cardiovascular disease, etc. Infact, according to the World Health Organization, smoking may lead to as manyas 25 different diseases, and is the cause of 5 million deaths every year!

There are around 4000 chemicals and carcinogens presentin tobacco smoke, and that has been scientifically documented. All of thesechemicals and carcinogens are present in the smoke inhaled by a tobacco user.

And not only are they affected, but also the people who don’tsmoke. Recent research has shown that second-hand smoking can even be moredangerous than actually taking a cigarette and lighting it.

E-cigarettes - A Way of Letting Go

Many people, aware of the huge health risk that is smoking,have tried numerous times to “kick the habit”. But, only a few actually succeedin this endeavor.

Well, with the appearance of electronic cigarettes, thosewho had failed may have another, last, and definitely, successful effort.

Electronic cigarette (e-cigarettes for short) is a battery-powered device thatprovides inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution.

Most electroniccigarettes are devices with replaceable and refillable parts, so that they canbe reused.

Many have testified that this is a great replacement for cigarettes, thatit looks, feels, and tastes the same.

More and more, consumers areable to evaluate the benefit which e-cigarettes offer, as a safer alternativeto using tobacco.

The Benefits of E-cigarettes

There are numerous reasons whya person should decide themselves to start using e-cigarettes. These are:

Better overall health. Manyhave said that when they started using these cigarettes, their hair, skin hasimproved, that they breathe better, and that they can do more sports that whenthey used to smoke.No smoke. Because thesecigarettes produce only water vapor (which has no odor), they will cause nosmoke to stay in one’s clothes hair, and there will be no more second-handsmoke.Saving money. Many peoplehave said that they have noticed the extra money in their pockets now that theydo not smoke.Smoking where it is not allowed. Being that this is notactually “smoking”, no one can demand that one “put it out”.

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