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A Thing or Two about Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes are devices which simulate regular cigarette smoking without actually emitting smoke. Rather, these devices use heat or ultrasonics to vaporize nicotine and, through inhalation, deliver it to the user.

Even though these products were originally developed in order to help people quit smoking, today, many people use them due to their lack of smoke, keeping children and other non-smokers protected. Nevertheless, there have been many accusations directed at electronic cigarettes and their producers, claiming how this way of nicotine indulgence presents a danger for passive smokers as well.

Therefore, these cigarettes are banned in some countries, while being allowed in others. Either way, they usually resemble the real thing, being it a pipe, a cigarette or a cigar. However, if you desire to conceal your electronic source of nicotine, you may opt for a ball point pen shape or a screwdriver-like cigarette. Finally, some models of these devices are disposable while others have disposable nicotine cartridges and vaporizers.

Should Electronic Cigarettes Be Regulated?

Many perceive electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to regular ones. However, there are also those who beg to differ, claiming that these are equally dangerous and bad for your health, giving birth to nicotine addiction. So, electronic cigarettes are banned in certain countries while, at the same time, being freely distributed in others. Moreover, they face a strong counter-campaign carried out by the regular cigarette industry, perceiving electronic cigarettes as a growing competition.

Additionally, there were claims that these devices are harmful. Yet, they are used voluntarily. Nevertheless, their purpose remains a mystery since we still lack data about their success in helping people leave cigarettes completely. Yet, we know that there are many other dangerous chemicals and materials in regular cigarettes than there are in electronic ones.

All in all, the battle wages on. Electronic cigarettes still face controversy. Regardless, they become more and more popular. Finally, even though quitting smoking completely is, by far, the best alternative, starting the cessation with electronic cigarettes surely has its own benefits.

It is better to choose to quit by avoiding 4,000 chemicals being basic parts of regular cigarettes, among which 50 are known to cause cancer, and settling solely for nicotine. Surely, nicotine is bad and can make us addicted. Regardless, it will not kill us as fast as cigarettes will. For all we know, electronic cigarette smoking may be just another step towards complete cessation of this nasty habit.

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