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After Christopher Colombo brought tobacco to Europe, Europeans started to use tobacco as a cure for irritability, fatigue and headache.Psychologists say that the calming effect gained by smoking is not caused by tobacco but by sucking reflux. Sucking reflux calms us down because it reminds us of the tame feeling when we were feeling safe in mother’s arms and sucking mother’s breast or a binky.

Can Nicotine Be Healthy?

American scientists concluded that nicotine can be beneficial if used in right amounts. They have noticed that people who smoke suffer from depression considerably less than non-smokers. Depressed non-smokers were given nicotine patches, and their mood improved considerably after eight days.New derivative from nicotine is called vitamin PP. It has been proven that this vitamin has many benefits to our health. For instance, it calms you down and improves your mood, as well as stimulates the brain activity, motor function, and memory.

What is Nicotine?Nicotine is the alkaloid that can be found in plants of the solanaceous family. Plants that belong to this family are: green bell peppers, eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes. Still, these plants contain nicotine in considerably fewer amounts. Because of this, scientists realized that maybe it is not nicotine or tobacco that is dangerous but the cigarette smoke. When cigarette smoke gets into your lungs, it cools down and turns into resin. Resin then stores in the airway and paralyzes the cleaning process. That enables toxins to pile up.

Face of the SmokerThis is a term that means that people who smoke have a distinctive look of their faces. That look is: gray skin, hollow dry cheeks, yellow hair and teeth, small wrinkles around the eyes, deep lines leading from the nose to lips. Smoking destroys the elastin and collagen in your tissue, and because of that, your skin becomes dry and brittle.Fact About “Light“ Cigarettes

People who smoke light cigarettes are convinced that they damage their health less than those who smoke regular cigarettes. They are wrong. Although the quantity of nicotine in the light cigarettes is lower, the manufacturers of tobacco use various toxic chemicals to enhance the flavor of these “light“cigarettes and that endangers the smoker’s health as much as smoking regular cigarettes.Most of the women are not ready to give up smoking during the pregnancy. Smoking in pregnancy leads to depriving the fetus of adequate amounts of nutrients and oxygen, and also, when born, the child can develop slower than other kids.

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