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Most modern people enjoy using numerous different types of electronic devices and gadgets such as PDAs, laptops, GPS trackers, cellphones, iPods and others. There is another electronic device which should not be a part of any gadget’s freaks arsenal. This device is known as the electronic cigarette.

A few years ago the Food and Drug Administration released the results of an analysis which included 19 different varieties of electronic cigarettes. According to the results of the analysis, half of those product contained nitrosamines which are the same carcinogens that can be found in the ordinary cigarettes. Many models also contained a substance called diethylene glycol, which is a highly poisonous ingredient commonly found in antifreeze. Some products which claimed not to contain any nicotine, actually did contain it in certain small amounts.


Electronic cigarettes are supposed to be much safer than their ordinary counterparts due to the fact that they do not burn any tobacco. These cigarette shaped devices contain a lithium battery which heats a solution made from propylene glycol and nicotine. The heating produces a fine mist which, when inhaled, delivers the nicotine straight into the lungs. There is a glowing LED at the top of the device and it is also capable of emitting puffs of white smoke to provide the user with a supremely realistic feel. Electronic cigarettes can be purchased in a large number of retail outlets everywhere across the United States, and they can also be purchased on numerous different types of websites as well.

Most models can be purchased for 40 to 70 dollars, depending on the model. These cigarettes can also be purchased in a wide variety of different flavors such as apple, mint and chocolate, which, unfortunately make them very appealing to teenagers. Most electronic cigarettes are produced in China, but the ones which were tested by the FDA were produced in the United States. Over the years, electronic cigarettes gradually become associated with much controversy. In some countries they are completely banned because the health risks are unknown. Australia is one such country, for example. Electronic cigarettes deliver the nicotine directly to the lungs, so it can be passed to the brain much faster, so the addictive properties can be enhanced. Another problem is that electronic cigarettes could be used for the promoting of smoking actual cigarettes. So far, the FDA has classified electronic cigarettes as drug delivery devices.

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