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What is Electronic Cigarette?

E-cigarette or electronic cigarette is a healthieralternative for everyone dependent on common cigarettes, cigars or pipes. This isa device which enables you to enjoy the nicotine but without additional harmfulchemicals from the smoke. People using e cigarettes reported the same feel andtaste as the real cigarette without any smoke.

Electronic cigarette produces no tar, no fire and no carbonmonoxide. There is no stub or ash when you use this device as well. Now you canenjoy smoking if you prefer so and no one else would complain about the smellor smoke. You won’t suffer from nausea or headaches that were bothering youbecause of the cigarette smoke and your teeth won’t get stained. There isalso no way you are going to endanger someone else and make him suffer frompassive smoking. When you decide to quit smoking, e cigarette may also be veryhelpful. There are also companies guaranteeing the return of your money after30 days if you are not satisfied with your e cigarette.

How It Works?

E cigarette is the device which looks very similar to thecigarette but it is operated by batteries. It has an atomizer and the cartridgefilled with liquid nicotine solution. When the person inhales and switch on the device there is asignal transferred to the atomizer (which is actually the heating element of ecigarette). This device utilizes nicotine vapor togive to the user the experience of smoking without the consequences on his orher health. Nicotine vapor used in e cigarettes has no smell and doesn’t containany tar. Additionally, there is also a non-nicotine vaporized solution for ecigarettes.

E cigarette is made in China, from super-critical atomic technologiesand micro electronic control. It iscontrolled by the Beijing Health Care Department and China Health Care Society.It produces minimal amount of smoke and cause very little pollution.

All you need is the electronic cigarette, 2 batteries(usually lithium ion), battery charger and cartridges. E cigarette also comeswith the instruction handbook and several cartridges. There are high nicotinedensity cartridges and also medium and low nicotine density cartridges, as wellas some non nicotine cartridges for electronic cigarettes. For your e cigarettes, you may find various accessories. Thereare additional atomizers, batteries and chargers for the home and the car. Thereare even some special e cigarette cases soyou can customize your e cigaretteif you like.

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