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A Brief Introduction

Thefact is: upon dieting a person DOES look slimmer and weighs less onthe scale, but this is often much due to the fact that he or she hadlost a bunch of water and muscle – instead of significantamounts of body fat.

Sowhy is this so? Well, amongst the strongest reasons why so many dietsdon't work is the simple fact that they put their weight loser's bodyinto a mode of starvation. And our bodies have ways of dealing withthis condition in their own ways. And sadly, not the ways we'd likethem to. Namely they slip into a mode which was engaged during theperiods when humans faced famine and starvation.

Thecutting down of energy intakes, in turn, slows down a person'smetabolism and, in its own right reduces the body's ability to burnfat.

Onthe other hand, hunger signals increase drastically and the personthen all of a sudden becomes almost constantly hungry.

What'sworse, statistics have shown that repeated dieting makes it onlyharder for a person to lose weight. In fact, its got the exactcontrary effect: it makes it a whole lot easier for him/her to puteven more on.

Andthis is much due to the fact that once a person quits a diet and"returns back to normal", normal is no longer normal. Thisis to say that the old diet habits now represent an excessive intakeof calories. This leads to the fact that when the diet is over, theperson will not only regain all which he or she had lost. In fact, hisor her metabolism will even allow for a little extra weight to be puton (with the same amount of food taken in), just in case "anotherstarvation period" should occur.

Soaccordingly, we've got:

Five More Reasons toStop Dieting

Firstoff: diets sap energy. What is meant by this is that way too littlefood, also means way too little energy which could have been used forphysical activity.

Theylower the metabolism, and by that they conserve the weight loser'senergy – thusly making it harder for the person to achieve the verygoals of dieting.

They'reunhealthy! The rapid ups and downs of a person's weight which arecaused by diets will very likely leave him/her with a loss of leantissue as well as calcium (which is a critical bone structurecomponent). Atop of that, essential vitamins and minerals are lost invast quantities as well.

Dietsmake food the enemy. It is a widely known fact that diets tend tomake the weight loser afraid to eat, depraving him or her of one oflife's pleasures.

Andlastly: they cheat the weight losers confidence. A person who wandersfrom diet to diet will very likely end up feeling cheated and thusdepressed – no matter the will power and enthusiasm engaged indieting. It creates a cycle in which guild battles with food –which is not good.

Conclusively,eating a proper diet and engaging in proper weight loss exercise isalways the best idea to lose weight. No irregular or extreme dietingshould be engaged in unless the doctor says so, and when that shouldbe the case it should always be to meet a temporary short termpurpose such as a heart operation amongst other health issues.

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