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Losing weight is a process that does not come easily to most of the obese people. The biggest problem, as with many other things in life, is in the mind of people. To put it theatrically, this is where the root of all evil is, in this case - the root of bad eating habits. Overeating and eating bad food is the problem of many people and in most cases, these are just defensive mechanisms, a way to deal with too much stress in life, and unfortunately, stress is something that affects so many people today.


The problem with overeating comes from two things and the first one is taste. People simply want to feel that beautiful taste of delicious food for as long as possible, so they eat a lot of food! The other thing is in the size of the stomach. With eating too much, it expands and is able to receive more food. With cutting the food, the stomach will reduce in diameter and a person will feel full with less food than before. It can be said that a portion size is potent in losing weight, a powerful weapon that should be used to its fullest because all is allowed in the matter of war vs. fat tissue.


Extreme diets should be avoided, especially by those people who are serious about losing extra weight for good. Eating healthy and enough – this is what must be done in order to reach the perfect weight and to keep that weight forever. How is it achieved? Well, for a start, nothing should be drastic, not even the beginning. This means that the obese person should not start with some rules immediately, but an intermediate period is needed. In this period, our obese person will reduce the amount of junk food and try to include healthy food in the daily menu as much as it is possible.

After this initiation, rules step on the scene, which means five or six meals a day, nothing but healthy food though with no starvation allowed, and still with fewer calories than generally needed, so that the fat burning process will begin. The difference between the energy input and output must never be drastic, because that will put the body into defensive status when it saves the fat tissue instead of spending it. Having so many meals will reduce the portion size and that will help the body process the food faster. Faster metabolism also burns energy, thus reducing the amount of excessive fat tissue.

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