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Diet is a very effective tool when losing weight is concerned and one of the fastest is the crash diet. No natural or any other way of losing weight can show results faster than the crash diets, and this is why many celebrities have used them thus setting an example to others who seem to follow it, and this is why these diets are very popular. In the following lines, we will talk about the crash diets and we will see which of them are the best.

Most Effective

Crash diets are very similar to starvation since they involve significant reduction of the intake of calories and foods. There are several crash diets available and some of them are Atkins diet, raw food diet and zone diet. We will first talk about the Atkins diet, which is a high protein and low carb diet and probably the most popular of this kind. There are four stages of this diet and they are induction weight loss, weight loss, pre-maintenance and the lifetime stage, but there is a time limit associated with this diet. Next diet on the list is the diet which is thought to be the most efficient of all the crash diets. It causes fewer side effects and it is more efficient when we talk about all crash diets in general. Raw foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits, milk can only be consumed, along with the natural and organic foods. During this diet, you cannot consume non-vegetarian, canned and processed foods. The last diet is the zone diet and it involves a certain balance of the intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. During the day, your diet has to include 30% of fat, 30% of protein and 40% of carbohydrates in total. But eggs white, beans, fruits, vegetables and grains are some of the healthy carbohydrates that have to be included in the diet as well.

Other Diets

Other crash diets are master cleanse diet, chicken soup diet, cabbage soup diet, and so on. Grapefruit diet is another efficient crash diet, which needs to be followed for a certain period of time. Before you try any of the mentioned diets, you need to consult a doctor because these diets are connected with much more side effects than benefits, so you cannot make the decision whether to conduct this diet on your own. If you start with the diet, follow the instructions to the letter. Also, try to implement some exercises for the best result.

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