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Stomach fat has been and still is a problem of many people. Even though it is possible to reduce extra weight and to burn a lot of fat tissue, it is obvious that there are some areas of the body that are not so easily shaped. Some of those areas are belly (stomach) area, legs, buttocks, underarms. It might be said that the stomach is the most problematic here, so how to burn stomach fat effectively?


When we say burn, we actually mean 'to spend'. The whole point of the fat burning is in spending more calories than it is taken with food. This can be done in two ways, with dieting and increased physical activity. Of course, it would be for the best to combine those two.

Dieting can focus extreme weight loss in the matter of weeks, with strict rules and with putting the body on the verge of starvation. This is effective diet, it cannot be denied, but the health of the organism might be harmed in some way and that is simply not good because the point of weight reduction is enhancing the health status. Dieting can also focus slow weight loss with the help of balanced diet (5 meals, all nutrients included, maybe just a small reduction of carbs).

When physical exertion is added into the equation, calories will burn! As for the exercising, cardio workout is excellent for the start. It does not require much strength, it can be done at home too, and if done properly and regularly, it will tremendously help the weight reduction process. Cardio is also good because it affects many muscle groups at the same time, thus increasing the rate of the metabolism.


Stomach area accumulates more fat simply because the cells under skin layers have more affinity towards the fats that come from food. This is some sort of defensive mechanism which is preparing the body for starvation. Of course, starvation never comes and the fat just keeps pilling up until it becomes a problem. The mentioned dieting types and physical activity must be used, but there are some things that should also be known. Eating small meals many times a day is much better than having three large ones. Small amount of food can pass through intestines easily and quickly, but, eating often will keep the metabolism active, and energy will be spent. Also, it will reduce the diameter of the stomach by reducing the diameter of intestines. Walls of intestines contain elastic fibers, so a lot of food will definitely stretch it and make the stomach look big.   

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