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When it comes to choosing between whole wheat flour and white flour, many people have their preferences. Namely, some will opt for soft and tasty white flour, enjoying little of its health benefits and nutritional value, while others will choose harder, wheat flour, gaining much from its numerous nutrients and high fiber concentration.

White Flour – the Popular Choice

White flour is preferred today due to its ability to stay fresh for a longer time. Moreover, its baking progress is more easily controlled. Thus, white flour is used in production of pizzas, pasta, donuts, cakes, crackers, cookies and many other types of our favorite, processed foods. Therefore, white flour is very versatile and it is a part of numerous products we consume on daily bases. Moreover, people prefer the taste of this flour, often choosing it over the healthier alternative – whole wheat flour.

Whole Wheat Flour

Making food from whole wheat flour is a bit more complicated. Firstly, speaking of rising of the dough, this process lasts much longer in case of whole wheat flour. Thus, while a bread made of white flour can be prepared for baking in several hours, whole wheat flour would demand at least several hours, due to its slow rise, especially if you are using whole wheat flour with grains.

Additionally, whole wheat dough needs to be kneaded more since it is harder than the white one. Also, creating bakery products from this type of dough requires more water during the process. If you happen to realize that your whole wheat dough is sticky, all you need to do is add a bit more flour and your problems will be gone. Finally, this dough needs to rise twice before preparation, in comparison to the white one which only needs to rise once.

Use Health over Convenience

Once you decide to swap your white flour to the healthier alternative, you need to pay attention to several things, keeping your recipe equally productive. Firstly, you need to know that one cup of white flour equals ¾ of a cup along with 2 tablespoons when it comes to whole wheat flour. Also, you will need more water and yeast.

Finally, if you are considering the impossibility of making cookies and other treats with whole wheat flour think again. All you need is a bit more effort and the food you make will be significantly healthier and, thereby, better. This goes for cookies, pancakes and all other products of your preference.

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