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When you first enter the world of baking it can often be a daunting and very much a trial and error time of your life. The idea of making the perfect cakes or biscuits seems like a daydream. It does not have to be like that if you stick to the recipes given in this article, you too can make the once dreamt amount fluffy biscuits.

The Fluffy Biscuit Ingredients

Usually, the basic biscuit recipe consists of flour, oil, milk and baking powder. You can also use your imagination and add various other ingredients for texture and taste if you like.

The Fluffy Biscuit Concept

If you have chosen to stick with the usual biscuit ingredients of baking powder, oil, flour, and milk you should begin by allowing three quarters more milk than the oil because the oil will make the biscuit taste drier and the milk will wonderfully make the biscuit lighter. As an example for you, usually people make the mistake of doing a combination of a third of a cup of oil and two thirds of a cup of milk. What you should be doing is allowing quarter of a cup of oil and three quarters of a cup of milk. Another helpful tip to make the biscuit light and fluffy is avoid using a flour like whole wheat or rye because these will make the biscuit heavy. Yet another great tip for your biscuit making is to use a few herbs in the dough for example basil and you can even add a little parmesan cheese or chives, or even some green onion.

Basic Fluffy Biscuit Recipe

You will need two cups of flour, two tea spoons of baking powder, three quarters of a cup of milk and quarter of a cup of olive oil. Now you have collected all your ingredients together you will need to pre heat your oven to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. While you are waiting for the oven to heat up you can mix the flour in a bowl with the baking powder, once they are combined you can incorporate the oil and the milk and stir it all together. Have a look at the mixture, if it’s still rather doughy then add a little more flour to the mix. It needs to be the consistency so you can handle it in your hands. Put a little oil on a cooking sheet and roll the dough onto the sheet and use a cutter to make your biscuits. Don’t roll it completely flat, make it so it stands about half an inch minimum from top to bottom. Now you can bake for twenty minutes.

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