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Healthy cookies are exceedingly easy to make, all it takesis changing and eliminating some ingredients. Cookies can be vegan, gluten orwheat-free and they do not event have to contain milk, butter, and eggs.

Ingredients of healthy cookies

Some of the ingredients of cookies in general are nuts. Nutsreally make no difference to the health benefits of cookies and they can bechosen by preference and financial possibilities. Hazelnuts, almonds, pecans orwalnuts are just a few examples, as there are many others that taste reallygood in cookies. Buying a bunch of them and in bits and pieces is also a goodidea as they will be ground and part of the mixture anyway, therefore, wholenuts are completely unnecessary.

Also, an ingredient every well-made cookie inevitablyrequires is fat. Fat is a part of regular butter which is normally used to makecookies, but in order to make them so that they are both healthy and havenutritional value, it is best to switch the regular butter with peanut, cashewor almond based butter. Even organic canola oil canola oil can be used insteadof it, in case these kinds of butter are not an appealing substitute.

Another thing to do to make these cookies more nutritious ismake them without gluten which is found in the flour that is ordinarily used.The solution is purchasing organic brown rice flour which is completelygluten-free and much healthier.

Naturally, these cookies have to be sweet, but restrainingfrom putting sugar in them is much recommended. Still, there is an equally sweet and tasty alternative. It’s the agavenectar which has a similar taste to honey and is a marvelous ingredient ofcookies, cakes and any other baked goods because it is able to preserve themoisture of these baked goods and it is very easily mixed together with otheringredients.

Finally, cinnamon and vanilla and almond extracts can bringadditional flavor to the cookies.

Recipes of healthy cookies

Once one knows which ingredients can be switched with theirhealthier alternatives, these cookies can really be adjusted to everyone’sindividual taste. One of the most basic recipes includes four cups of groundnuts, one cup of butter or half a cup of canola oil, one cup of flour andalmost a cupful of agave nectar. Ifextracts or additional flavors are added, the amount shouldn’t exceed oneteaspoon. Also, a teaspoon of salt is required. Finally, this is all mixedinto a batter and baked.

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