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Sometimes, certain amount of the thick white mucus tends to accumulate into the nasal air passages. It is a very common condition and it is usually tightly associated with the congestion of the nose, that is, when that mucus hardens. Anyway, the production of the mucus is the natural process and the inner membranes of the nasal cavities are the mucous environment because this secrete plays very important role in the protection from the provokers of the different infections that can come from the outside. However, this normal process tends to become excessively productive from a lot of the possible reasons.

Nevertheless, the secretion could be aggravated due to the increased intake of milk and the milk products, for example. The discharge then becomes denser and, if not treated, it may block the nasal airways. When this happens, the condition is also followed with accompanying problems, such as the increased temperature of the body, the painful sinuses and the general exhaustion of the organism.

How to get rid of this mucus?

It is essentially important to realize that the key to the successful treatment is treating the cause and not only the consequence. So, the therapy can start only when the provoker of this secretion is discovered.

For example, if there is the case of some more serious underlying disease, such as the inflammatory process of the bronchi, provoked by the virus, this condition should be healed firstly. But, the consequence is to be treated also, in order to prevent the other possible infectious processes of the breathing system. However, if the cause of the whitely mucus is the reflex that elevates the gastric acids into the throat and the upper respiratory system, the dense discharge that flows from the nose should be treated with the recommended therapy for this condition.

The natural treatment

The simplest remedies for dealing with this problem can be found at home, and one of the most effective is the treatment with warmth. That is, the increased intake of any tea that is rich in the basic nutrients, is beneficial, since it easily decomposes the mucus and makes it more watery. Besides the nourishment and providing the alleviation from the most prominent trouble of this condition, it is as important to enhance the immunity. That could be achieved by using the supplements based on zinc. The beverages which have the proteins as the main ingredient are beneficial, too, since they force the better production of the amino and fatty acids in the organism.

Very recommendable is also to heal the condition by the use of the steam from the tea or bath that should be enriched with some healthy and aromatic plant, such as garlic, the sea salt, ginger and so on. The drops for unblocking the nose provide the immediate relief, however, they mustn’t be put into the nose on a longer run.

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