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When a pulsating and constant pain is felt in the frontal area of the head and in the area of the sinus cavities (the spots in the areas of the nose, in the cheeks below the eyes, and above the nose and eyes on the forehead) the cause of such a headache is the inflammatory process of the sinuses.


The most prominent symptom, the one of the pain is worsened when the head is in the bent position. However there are more annoying symptoms that are more noticeable and also when the environmental air is humid and when there are some sudden alterations of the air temperature. The most common are the feeling of the pressure on the previously mentioned symmetrical spots on the face and somewhat increased sensitivity of the face.

Also, the pain tends to become stronger after sleeping, since the mucus was being accumulated during the night) and when suffering from a common cold, too. The more rare signs of this kind of inflammation and headache are the secretion of the yellow and greenish mucus, slightly raised temperature of the body, nausea, the accumulation of the mucus in the pharynx and the most common of them all, the blocked nose.

Regarding the symptoms, the biggest problem is that they are very similar to the signs that can follow different kinds of headaches of some other origins, such as the migraines and headaches caused by tension. But the migraines have one special characteristic and that is the one of the patient feeling attacked by the strong light and noise.


Most frequently, the sinus headaches happen because of the blockage of the nasal passages or the sinusitis (inflammatory process of the sinuses). And this inflammation is often the consequence of the conditions related to the irritation of the breathing process, such as allergies, common cold, or flu. So, the infection of the membranes leads to the inflammation and the swollen membranes that cannot prevent the mucus from accumulating, nor the bacteria, fungi and viruses from inhabiting the affected area.


When it comes to the treatment, the way of dealing with sinus headaches with the remedies made from herbs is the best idea, because they don’t involve the side-effects (which is the case of medications and drugs). The most commonly used remedies are based on the most aromatic plants and the plants with the most of the antiseptic qualities, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Also, most commonly, they should be prepared in the dry form with the boiling water and one should inhale the vapour that comes out from this tea. The heating is very beneficial for sinuses since it melts the solid blockage of the nasal passages.

Another way of unblocking the nose could be with the simple consumption of the hot pepper because its beneficial supplement, capsaicin, widens the veins and capillaries, thus providing the immediate relief from the congestion and the pain in the head.

As far as the topical application in treating the headache is concerned the mixtures of the little bit of water and ginger or cinnamon should be put on directly on the painful spots.

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