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Every now and then there is the excessive amount of the mucus in the nasal cavities that should be blown out. The inner membranes of the nose are already mucous in the normal conditions, since that mucus serves as the protection from the harmful germs, pollutants and allergens that can enter the nasal cavity and thus provoke some infectious process of the upper respiratory system. The infection is, consequently, followed by the inflammatory process which is the normal response of the organism. This process is always manifested as the swelling of the membranes and the increased production of the mucus.

So, the discharge from the nose is the most prominent indicator of some disorder, however, it can be sometimes accompanied with bleeding and that is the reason to pay the immediate attention to this problem. This happens because some lesions and injuries to the membrane may be created during the excessive and very frequent action of trying to expel the mucus with the act of exhaling forcefully through the nose. Therefore, this is usually the consequence of suffering from the common cold.

The causes of the bleeding from the nose

However, the bleeding may occur in the deeper region of the nose (in that case, the blood flows through the both nasal passages and passes through the throat), or at the septum (the blood flows only through one nasal passage). Although this sounds rather terrifying, this symptom doesn’t appoint to some serious health problem and it is usually treated quickly and successfully.

However, besides the most common provoker of this problem, which is mentioned above, the change in the climate and the lowered humidity in of the environmental air may as well lead to the septum membrane becoming dry and more likely to crack. Similarly, the rarefied air conditions cause the blood to become less able to coagulate, and that could be also the reason for the bleeding from the nose. In addition, the infections, tumors, the injuries by the finger and the other damages to the septum and the quality of the mucous membrane are the possible triggers of the bleeding from the nose.

When it comes to the treatment, essential is the first aid care. First of all, the head should be pushed backwards, and the ice pack should be put over the nose in order to shrink the blood vessels. On the other hand, as far as the precaution measures are considered, it is recommendable to stay away from putting the fingers into the nasal passages, to apply the nasal sprays during the dry climate conditions in order to stop the bleeding from happening in the first place, and to increase the intake of the vitamin C and E and the antioxidants.

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