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Description of sinus pain

Pain is the most prominent indicator of the sinusitis, which is the medical term for the inflammation of the sinuses, or to be more exact, of the inner mucous membrane of the sinus cavities. This condition is the most common provoker of the pain of the sinuses, that is, of the areas on the forehead above the eyebrows, on the cheeks below the eyes and between the eyebrows.

Nevertheless, in order to successfully lower the intensity of the pain, it is important to know what leads to sinusitis. The common colds, flu and the allergic reactions are among the most common triggers of the headache induced by sinuses, since these conditions inevitably lead to the swelling of the mentioned membranes, and thus to the discomfort, irritation and the pain which are felt in the sinuses. Besides these signs, the congestion of the nasal cavities, sneezing, coughing, the post nasal drip, the runny nose, or the increased temperature of the body are also accompanying troubles of this condition.

It can be said that the pain should be lessened first of all, since it is in most of the cases, constant, dull, pulsating and, all in all, unbearable. Additionally, the root of the pain is situated around the eyes, hence there is a great stress on the eyes, and the ache is aggravated significantly in the case of the sinus headache provoked by the allergic reaction, since there is also the irritation and itch of the eyes, which tend to become watery as well.

Apart from the swollen membranes, the mucus tends to accumulate when the infectious or the inflammatory process starts, and that mucus builds up in the sinus cavities, which leads to the pressure, and, therefore the pain.How to deal with this type of the pain?

The quick solution can only be provided if the synthetic medications are used, but most commonly they mustn’t be used for a long time since they can cause the addiction, and they come with certain negative side effects. And also, it is important to mention that usually the drugs in the form of sprays which are focused on unblocking the nasal air passages are recommended in the case of the sinus headaches, too. Another one negative consequence of using the decongestants, ironically, is the possible blockage of the airways. Fortunately, the pain can be lessened with the natural remedies based on the teas of the beneficial herbs, and the steam from them should be inhaled.

Anyway, when it comes to the treatments in general, it is always better to treat the cause than the consequence, so, in this case, it is better to use antihistamines or antibiotics, for example. Of course, the thick mucus should be softened with the increased intake of the fluids and by expelling the mucus more frequently and the headache could be reduced with applying the ice over the sinuses.

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