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Mucus is one of the secretions that are constantly produced in various metabolic processes. The lining of sinuses produces mucus every day which is very important for the respiratory system. Mucus has several roles. It makes the nasal passages moisturized, it hydrates the air breathed in, and it prevents the allergens to enter the respiratory system. However, excessive mucus in throat can be very annoying condition. While the mucus in the nasal passages can be ejected out easily, mucus in the throat is very difficult to expel.

Causes of mucus in throat

Mucus in the throat may be caused by several reasons. In the majority of cases, it is the result of various allergies, especially those associated with smoke, noxious gases and fumes. Mucus production may be present after eating certain foods, such as dairy products, eggs, whole grains and wheat in cases when the person already suffers from common cold, fever or seasonal flu. Infections are also responsible for the occurrence of excessive mucus in the throat. When the pathogens penetrate the body through the mouth or nose, the excess mucus is produced to fight these foreign bodies. Excess mucus tends to build up in the throat, which is why bacterial, viral or fungal infections are considered to be the causes for this condition. Measles, whooping cough and chickenpox are viral infections that have excess mucus in the throat as a symptom. Furthermore, excessive smoking and consummation of alcohol, caffeinated foods and drinks can trigger the production of the mucus as well.

Treatment of mucus in throat

Mucus in throat is not a serious condition and it is usually cured without any treatment. However, sometimes it is quite embarrassing and annoying and people who have the problem with it want to expel it as soon as possible. Moreover, if it is not treated, it can cause various infections and bad breath. The people who have excess mucus in throat should drink plenty of water and other healthy liquids. Furthermore, the mouth and the throat should be gargled with hot salty water no less than trice a day.

Steam inhalations, as well as blowing the nose regularly, are also very effective in ejecting the mucus from the throat. The paste of ginger powder and honey is also very beneficial when excess mucus in the throat is in the question.

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