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What is the drainage of the sinuses?

The drainage of the excessive mucus produced in the sinus cavities, that flows down to the back of the throat is one very frequent condition and it is the logical consequence of the abnormal accumulation of the mucus into the mentioned cavities. It is very unpleasant feeling, since the post nasal drip, as this condition is also referred to as, is manifested as the sensation of having a lump (if the mucus is rather thick) or certain amount of the fluid in the throat and, therefore, the urge to swallow it is also present.

So, this kind of drainage is usually the complication of the inflammation of the sinuses, medically called sinusitis, or of the inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the nose (called rhinitis), but it could as well be the cause of some other disease, such as, for instance, the sore throat, since this dripping gradually irritates and damages the mucous membrane of the back of the throat. But, this chronic drip could also create the troubles with breathing, swallowing, and even speaking, but also the troubles in the gastrointestinal system.

How to deal with it?

It is important to know that swallowing the mucus is not an unusual thing, but it happens unconsciously. That liquid can be produced also by the lungs. But, even more important is to discover what is the exact trigger of the dripping of the thick mucus and to start to treat this problem by healing the provoker, and not only alleviating the effect of the consequences. So, the root of the problem is always some inflammation which leads to the increased production of mucus. And, knowing the cause of the inflammation is the key to the successful treatment.

For example, if the allergic response is the provoker of the inflammation and the abnormal amount of the mucus, the condition should be treated with the antihistamines and by, logically, staying away from the environmental allergens. Similarly, when there is the case of the common cold or flu, the condition should be treated at home, with the increased intake of the vitamin C and by boosting the immune system in general.

People usually treat this problem with the use of the drops which unblock the nasal passages and they are effective, but, they shouldn’t be used more than four days, since there is the risk of developing the addiction to them. So, instead of unblocking the nose with the artificial substances, it is always better to flush the cavities with the simple salty water, which could be done with a syringe. Also, the mucus will be made less thick is the patient inhales the beneficial steam from the teas made from the boiled water and a little bit of the aromatic eucalyptus oil.

If the inflammation is the result of the bacterial outbreak, that should be, naturally, treated with the drugs that annihilate bacteria.

In any case, drinking more water and the massages of the areas over the sinus cavities are highly recommendable.

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