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What is the drainage from the sinus?

The sinus drainage is actually increased amount of the mucus created in the sinus cavities, which flows down to the throat and through the nasal cavities. There is, of course somewhat normal amount of the mucus in the cavities of the upper respiratory system all the time, which has the function to protect the membrane that covers these cavities.

However if some environmental harmful particles enter the nasal and sinus cavities, the membrane becomes infected and, consequently, inflamed; which provokes the swelling of the membranes, thus also the congestion of the nose, the pain in the sinuses, and the increased secretion of the mucus. So, this problem actually figures as one of the indicators of the infection of the sinuses.

Additionally, because of the somewhat denser and stickier mucus produced during the infection, the sensation of having a lump in the throat is present, and, therefore, the urge for coughing and clearing the throat. Besides that, the usual accompanying problems of this condition are the pain in the head, ears, throat, halitosis, sickness and the increased temperature of the body. The most distinguishing is the pressure-like pain felt in the area of the sinus cavities, and sometimes, if not treated, the condition could advance into some more severe stage, and in that case, it is recognized by the yellow and greenish mucus.

How to deal with the mucus?

Although there are a lot of the quick solutions to this problem, which can be bought in the pharmacies in the form of the medications, it can be said that they don’t provide the relief on the longer run and that they aren’t as effective as the natural remedies, simply because they are focused on dealing with the consequence, that is – the symptoms, and not the cause of the problem. Such are, for example, the nose drops for getting rid with the blockage. On the contrary, this condition should be treated by antihistamines or the drugs that kill bacteria, for instance.

Nevertheless, first of all, in order to hydrate the body and detoxify the organism one should increase the intake of water and to drink at least 12dl of it on a daily basis. As far as the most effective homemade natural remedies are concerned, very beneficial is irrigating the throat and the nasal passages with the salty water in the mornings and evenings, and, of course, to consume a lot of the hot fluids, such as the herbal teas and the chicken soups. The latter one mentioned is also beneficial for boosting up the immunity. The mucus can be made more watery with holding the pads immersed in the warm salty water previously, over the painful sinuses. Also very recommendable is to inhale the steam from the boiled water in which the essential oil from eucalyptus is added.

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