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Taking a closer look to sinusitis

Sinusitis is very frequent and very widespread health condition which affects the upper respiratory system and it is, actually, the inflammatory process that affects the sinuses. To be more exact, inflamed are the mucous membranes of the inner part of the sinus cavities, which results in the swelling of them, and therefore, the pain, and the increased discharge of mucus, as well as the congestion of the nasal airways. Additionally, the mucus becomes denser and sticky, and it is hard even to blow the nose and that way get rid of it. Also, the ability to sense the smell, hence the flavor as well, is significantly decreased.

Of course, there is also the acute type of this condition, but, in the cases when it lasts more than three months, it can be considered as chronic. However, it is usually the permanent condition, especially having in mind that it is often the consequence of the hay fever, which always lasts for several months. But, besides this most frequent trigger of sinusitis, there are some other provokers of this health problem, such as certain anatomical abnormality of the nasal cavities, the presence of some protuberant formation in the air passage (e.g. polyp or tumor), and the other underlying infectious processes.

How to deal with the problem?

So, the logical conclusion is that the problem must be solved either, by removing the irregularity of the nose or by simply boost up the immune system in order to stop any infection and prevent the inflammation of the sinuses from happening in the first place. The conventional treatment will include the prescribed nasal drops and sprays for unblocking the nasal passages and irrigating them, the pain relievers and the medications for lessening the inflammatory process. However, in the cases of the prolonged condition, the therapy must be enriched with the medications that strengthen the immune system and its response. And, in the most serious cases, the surgical procedure is recommended.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the natural treatment with the beneficial herbal and homemade remedies, among the most effective is the natural decongestant which should be kept in the nose, and it is the small amount of the black cumin seeds wrapped in some cloth. Very beneficial are garlic and onion, which should be eaten on a daily basis, and the vegetable juice based on spinach, carrots, beet or cucumber. The tea made from the seeds from fenugreek should be also drunk, that is, at 8dl of it per day. It is as well beneficial to introduce more of the vitamins C and A into the eating regime.

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