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What is there to know about the congestion of the nose?

The blockage of the nasal passages is very frequent health condition and, as such, it is usually the indicator of some more serious disease, such as the inflammation of the sinuses, the inflammatory process of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavities, common cold, flu, the different allergic responses, and so on. So, the blockage itself can be acute or chronic, depending whether there is the underlying condition involved or not.

When the environmental harmful particle or substance enters the nose, the function of the mucus and the inner lining is to defend the upper respiratory system from the irritant. However, the bodily response to the infection is the inflammatory process, which is manifested in this case by the enlargement in the volume, or the swelling of the membranes and the increased production and the secretion of the protective mucus. The logical consequence is the blockage of the nasal air passages, due to the membranes and the mucus which becomes thick and sticky.

Besides the apparent troubles with inhaling and exhaling, the problem of the blocked nose may become rather permanent and cause some more damages, such as the sore throat, or the post nasal drip, for instance.

How to remove the blockage?

As far as the treatment is concerned, fortunately, there are a lot of, both; the conventional medications and the natural homemade remedies, for dealing successfully with this condition. Nevertheless, the decongestant sprays and drops bring the quickest effect, but they cannot be used on the longer run, since they can develop the addiction in the consumer. So, the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs are very recommendable because they don’t provide the possible negative following effects, unlike the synthetic medications.

One of the simplest remedies is the soup from a chicken just because it is rich in the condiments that unblock the airways of the upper respiratory system, especially, if it is enriched with the black pepper. For the similar purpose, the steam from the hot water in which little bit of the oil extracted from eucalyptus is added, should be inhaled. It also has powerful antiseptic properties. Also, one should buy the moisture device for the environmental air, for the best results, especially in the cases of the small children suffering from the blocked nose.

For the irrigation of the cavities, the simple salty water should be used, and the process of the discharge should be helped with spending much time with the head in the elevated position. This is important, because this problem tends to become unbearable during the night time. Additionally, when going to sleep, one should apply the pad immersed in the hot water and hold it over the inflamed areas. Also, when it comes to the harmful foods, one should stay away from the foods that have gluten as the ingredient, and the milk products.

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