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A few words about the cough

There are several types of the cough and it is one of the most common indicators of the irritations due to numerous different underlying conditions of the respiratory system. It is, in fact, the reflex which serves as the attempt to expel the germs and the harmful substances from the breathing system. That is why the act of ‘clearing the throat’ is tightly associated with this problem. However, cough is the most troublesome when it turns out to be constant, and out of control, due to the increased irritation. Most commonly, that is the case of the dry type of the cough, which is, additionally, not very useful, since the act of expelling the mucus while coughing is, actually, very beneficial act.The types of the uncontrollable cough

Nevertheless, there are the three basic types of the cough that cannot be controlled. Therefore, the constant type of the cough would be every cough that lasts more than two months. In this case the greater attention is paid on treating the very trigger of it and not the cough directly, as in the case of the intense and short-lasting attacks of the cough. So, the chronic cough is usually the indicator and the consequence of some severe respiratory disorder, such as asthma, the inflammation of the bronchi, and the similar, while the most likely to trigger the persistent and stubborn cough is the incidence of the post nasal drip. This case scenario is provoked by the increased accumulation of the mucus, due to the inflammation of the sinuses, and that mucus irritates the throat. However, this type of the cough can as well be the result of the acid reflux, malignant tumor in the lungs and the cessation of the heart functions. If that is the case, the cough is productive, that is, it is followed by the discharge which is accompanied by the blood.

Besides the type described above, as already mentioned, there could be the trouble of suffering from the attacks of the intensive cough which is difficult to be stopped. This is usually the outcome of additionally suffering from influenza, common cold, pneumonia, allergic reactions, the inflammation of the sinuses and the similar diseases. Therefore, if this is the case, the condition is to be treated by the drops for unblocking the nose and the alleviating agents for the allergic response. Nevertheless, there is also the type of the cough that is something between the chronic and the acute one and which is often prolonged for the period around one month.

How to deal with it?First of all, one should stay away from all the possible irritants, such as, for instance, the smoke from the cigarettes, domestic dust, the dried air, and so on. It is recommendable to rest in the moisture air environments, to increase the intake of fluids, to irrigate the nasal cavities and the mouth and to inhale the steam from the teas based on the beneficial herbs. Of course, the basis of the treatment should be some syrup for the effective cessation of the reflux, and the popular domestic remedy is the lemon juice mixed with honey.

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