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When the nasal airflow is obstructed, and the increased amount of the mucus is accumulated in the nasal cavities, it is one very frequent signs of something going wrong in the upper respiratory system. That is, the blockage of the nose and the increased nasal discharge from the sinuses are one of the most common indicators of some disorder that interferes with the normal process of breathing. This indicator can appoint to a lot of the different ailments, however, it figures most frequently as the symptom of the underlying condition which is called sinusitis, which is the medical term for the inflammatory process in the sinus cavities. The incidence of the increased secretion is the logical consequence of this inflammation.

Having in mind how frequent the problem of the nasal blockage may be, there are a lot of the available drugs, products and remedies for the removal of this blockage. The popular decongestants in the form of the sprays or drops are the ones that provide the quickest relief, but they may create an addiction and they don’t help on the longer run. So, that is why the natural techniques and remedies are more recommendable for dealing with this problem, since they don’t provide any of the mentioned possible side effects.

The effectiveness of this remedy

Therefore, the method of flushing of the nasal cavities with a stream of special solution is one of the most effective ways to remove the blockage, since it is focused on treating the very base of the problem. Being a dilution of the salt and baking soda in water, this specific remedy has the powerful antiseptic properties (hence, it reduces the inflammation), the salt in it drains the discharge and excessive water from the sinus tissue, and of course, baking soda makes the mucus more watery, and easy to be blown out. When it comes to water, if it is cold, it will lessen the swelling and the pain in the sinuses. Also, the distilled water is more beneficial, and only the freshly made homogeneous mixture is to be used.

Of course, it is important to properly perform this act of cleansing, and the most effective ways to do that are: inhaling the solution from the hands, by spraying it from a spraying device, or by simply using the neti pot. However, the most important thing, when the solution is inhaled, is to tilt the head holding it back in order to irrigate the cavities thoroughly. After that, the nose should be blown forcefully.

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