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Gain instead of lose

Unlikethe majority of people who seek to free themselves from the excessive weight, there are also those who crave additional weight. This has, in a sense, turned into a sort of a taboo topic, since more and more people, especially in America, have unsettled issues with additional weight. So, the problem arises as people who need to add up a pound or two actually do not have that many people to turn to for advice or even help. But this is something that should not worry them or make them feel uncomfortable since there are numerous ways one can scale up weight fairly quickly and with much less effort than thought of in the first place.

Howto begin

Thefirst stop is to do a bit of maths, i.e. calculate the amount of calories a person consumes on a regular daily basis. One of the prevailing reasons why certain number of people is forever slim is the fact that their metabolisms function in a completely different manner. Namely, they either burn the calories extremely quickly, or they do not get enough of them. What a person should also do is keep good track of the intake of food, at least for several days. In most cases, this is quite sufficient in terms of revealing the person in question to which of the two types s/he belongs to. Whenit all boils down to numbers, in order for a person to be able to make a 1 pound gain, s/he needs 3,500 calories. And yet, if a person seeks to gain more, s/he will further need to increase the calorie intake by 1,000 calories per day in order to make a 2 pound-gain.

Steptwo requires a person to make certain alterations and adjustments to the eating habits, which means at least three meals per day, and the most abundant of them all being the one prior to tuning the lights off. In addition, one should also throw in some snacks that are high in calories between each meal. Continuing on the same note, it is also regarded as quite beneficial to always add on all the extras you can find, i.e. when, for example, making yourself a toast, be sure to enrich it with peanut butter or regular butter, jelly, and some cinnamon for more fuller flavor. Liquid supplements are also quite beneficial in this regard, since they further increase the amount of calories a person takes in. Also, try to always opt for dried or canned fruits instead of fresh varieties and do not forget to devote one part of your day to exercising.

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