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Even though a majority of the population is fighting the battle to lose weight, there are people who want to gain it. For instance, bodybuilders. Along with them, everybody who wants to gain muscle mass for instance would like to do it as healthy as possible. Most people go for the protein shakes but they work slowly so people often change their minds and start using some of the illegal substances. However, everybody should know that a person can gain weight in a healthy way. A person just needs to do a couple of things. First of all it is very important that a person knows exactly how many calories he or she should intake within a day. Another equally important step is finding out how can fatty tissue be turned into muscle. A person should know that muscle weight is healthy weight.

Risky way of gaining weight

Most people who want to increase their muscle weight start with the protein shake consumption. When they gain a huge amount of weight and that happens fast, people tend to switch to taking pills that will ensure that the weight is lost but the muscle tone remains. According to many experts this way of gaining weight is quite dangerous.

Healthy way

Every person who wants to gain weight should first consult the experts in this field. The nutritionist help a lot and he or she will make sure that a person knows what options are out there, which is very important. The nutritionist will also advise a person how much calories he or she should intake in order to gain weight and which exercises he or she should do. The nutritionist will pay most attention on the foods that the person will be eating. Some of the foods that are good for this situation are cheese, nuts, starchy vegetables like potatoes or corn, dried fruits and olive, walnut and canola oil. By consuming the right foods a person will not only know the amount of calories he or she intakes but all the important nutrients will be consumed as well.

According to lots of experts this is the right way to gain weight. It is a lot slower than some other, illegal ways but it is healthy. A person who decides to gain weight in this way does not need to worry about side effects. People who gained weight with the help of the nutritionist are very pleased with the result.

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