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Who needs to gain weight and why?

Wehear more often about people trying to lose weight and therefore, we may think that, for those who are trying quite the opposite, there just may not exist that many useful diet programmes, tips and advice. However, that is not the case. Just as many people find it rather difficult to get rid of those extra pounds, the same goes for those who are attempting to gain those extras. So, the best way to get a head start on weight gain is to determine the causes of your underweight and the reasons why you do need to get additionalweight.

Thereasons for underweight and weight gain

Atthe bottom of the underweight state are often certain underlying conditions, such as some chronic illnesses, bad eating habits and also not getting enough of physical activity. This especially goes for older people who, if not eating properly, can easily end up being underweight. Another primary cause can also be heredity. Just like numerous chronic illnesses can be at the bottom of the condition in question, if an otherwise healthy person becomes suddenly underweight s/he is more prone to falling under the influence of an illness chronic in nature.

Gainweight without a fuss: advices, tips, recommendations

Given the fact that excessive calories are considered to be the primary culprit when it comes to unwanted weight gain, for those who do seek to gain weight, the intake of more calories than a person can burn is crucial. And to do this, you need to reinvent your diet by opting for healthy food, rich in caloriesAlso, include drinks which abound in calories to compensate for the calorie-deficienciesHealthy diet is vital, so consume healthy food as often as possible in the form of at least 3 bigger and 3 smaller meals. Make 3h pauses in between, to give your organism time to digest the previous meal and get ready for the next one properlyRegular physical activity is also crucial for gaining weight, especially because exercise boosts a person’s metabolism. Therefore, always keep in mind that a good diet is only not sufficient, but that it needs healthy activities, such as exercise, as well. In order to increase the muscle mass, the best type of exercises are resistance training activities

Foodsthat boost weight gain

Themost important, when it comes to building up the muscle mass, are the proteins, because, if they are not found in sufficient amounts, no mass building can take place. A daily protein recommendation is 2.2 g of protein/kg of a person’s weight, meaning that a person weighing 50 kg is supposed to have a protein intake of 50x2.2, i.e. 110 g equally divided in 5-6 meals in the course of the day. Thebest protein sources are considered to be dairy products, fish, nuts, meat, whey, and seeds.

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