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Little secrets wortha lot

For all those people endowed with a fast metabolism, and wondering what it takes to put on justa tiny bit of weight the answer is not at all that complicated as they mighthave imagined it. Namely, all one has to do is take in much more calories thanone’s body, i.e. the metabolism otherwise burns. It sounds quite simple, youmust admit.

Consuming morecalories represents the absolutely best and most effective way for gaining onthose sought after additional kilograms/pounds, despite the fact that a person’smetabolism is a bit faster than usual. One should set a new boundary when itcomes to calorie count and make it round 2.000 calories if the person is a female and 2.500 calories in case the person is a male. This, of course, goes for theaverage metabolism. For those who have a speedy one, the bar will have to beraised a bit more, i.e. all the way up to between 3.000 and 3.500 calories ona daily basis. One extremely important thing to have in mind is that thecalories in question represent those proper calories that come from a properand healthy diet and not those calories that one accumulates from fast andjunk food. The primary focus should be that protein rich food, whichfacilitates and boosts the growth of muscles, as well as the intake of carbsthat are essential for proper levels of energy that our body needs.

In case a person whoseeks to gain weight has so far indulged in 3 meals in the course of the day,in order for him/her to increase the intake of calories and acquire thoseapproximately 1.000 calories more, he/she will have to change the eating regimea bit – three larger meals should be replaced by six smallerones. In this sense, a meal can be anything starting from a sandwich, bananasand other fruits or even a protein shake, for example.

Muscle gainingexercises

In order to aid yourbody reach the weight you want, it is also quite effective to take up anexercise program consisting of those big basic exercises lasting anywherefrom 45 min to 1h, and stick to it at least three times in the course of theweek. This is regarded as the most effective method for gaining weight andmuscle mass, all at once. One such program can consist of such exercises assquats (1 to 3 sets/8-12 repetitions), bench press (1-3 sets/8-12 repetitions),bent over rows (1-3 sets/8-12 repetitions), bicep curls (1-3 sets/8-12repetitions), lying tricep extensions (1-3 sets/8-12 repetitions), calf raise (1-3sets/8-12 repetitions).

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