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What the American Department of Health and Human Resources has revealed is a stunning discovery, which sheds a completely new light on the increasingly growing problem of today’s American society. Namely, the number of people suffering from obesity, excessive weight, and morbid obesity has tremendously increased and has reached the troubling 66% mark. The increase began all the way back in 1976 and by the year 2003, it has recorded a 16% rise. And it has continued to rise in this fashion up to the present day. Even though the national health aims might be attempting something completely opposite, i.e. a reduction of the above mentioned problems under 15%, the evidence shows something completely different.

As the officials point out, the prevailing factors that are to be blamed are the above-average and proper, come to that, calories intake, accompanied by increased passivity, i.e. significant decrease in physical activity, and any activity. Unfortunately, there is but a small number of people who know for certain what are the most influential and excessive weight and obesity related factors. Therefore, in continuation one can find information that will most certainly shed some light on this ever growing problem, as well as raise the awareness, which is most certainly needed to transcend and battle of this unpleasant problem once and for al.

Lack of beneficial fats induces weight related problems

With the occurrence of diet low in fat and the shift of importance on different factors for keeping your body slim, i.e. essential fatty acids deprivation, which are vital to the most proper functioning of the body and its overall health, people only paved their way to obesity and related problems. No less than 80% of people in USA suffer from this deprivation. What should be done in order to avoid this is enrich a diet with nuts, olive oil and alike. This will in turn aid a person in losing all that excessive weight.

Toxins in our surroundings affect us more than we think

One fact that has been proven and made official quite some time ago is that toxins that are made by people are most definitely to be blamed for the occurrence of such severe illnesses as cancer. But another fact that has been confirmed only recently is that these man-crafted toxic substances and compounds are also directly related to the onset of obesity and conditions alike. Other ways to keep ourselves safe from harm of excessive weight and obesity include keeping our liver as healthy as possible, for it promotes healthy weight, as well as reducing the amount of stress that we confront on regular basis by means of different relaxation techniques.

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