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Quick weight gain

How to

When it comes to gaining weight, results are not always satisfactory. This means that some people do manage to reach their desired weight, whereas many others do not succeed in this task, no matter how hard they seem to try. Well what we know is that the desire itself and advice from the gym instructor, enriched with a supplement or two, will just not be sufficient to enable a person a quick weight gain boost. In order to achieve those results, one should first get well acquainted with those factors that make the entire process of weight gin much more difficult than it looks and than it should actually be.

  • Guilty party number 1 – Improper diet – meaning that quite a number of people do not pay attention to the intake of just the right amount of proteins, but consume a fairly large quantity of simple carbs, therefore making their diet unsuitable for weight gain.
  • Guilty party number 2  - exercises not intensive enough – this does not mean that a person should overdo with exercising to the point he drops dead tired, but during the entire exercise program, one should always strive to put the body under stress far greater than usual, in order to enable muscle growth and weight gain, come to that.
  • Guilty party number 3 – absence of consistency – many people fail to go with the exercise program to the end, giving it all up in case results are not there within a week, or even less. But if a person seeks to improve his/her weight, then he/she will have to be extremely persistent and consistent, for without the two, one is not going to get anywhere, let alone see results any time soon. And this has proven to be true more than once.

Weight gain advices

In order to reach the ultimate goal, a person needs to adhere to the following advice and steps:

  1. Consuming more calories than a body is capable of burning is recommended, i.e. a person needs to eat more.
  2. One should take up the six-meals-per-day regime (one every 3h).
  3. Consumption of proteins also needs to be increased.
  4. Workout should be limited to one hour the most, preferably even under one hour for the ultimate effect.
  5. Stick to those free weight exercises that involve more than one muscle group.
  6. Opt for those heavier weights and low reps, making short pauses before continuing with each set of exercises.
  7. Limit your exercise session to no more than 2 or 3 exercises per one part of the body.

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