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I Want To Gain Weight!

Although we often hear about obese people who desire to lose weight, there are still those who are quite the opposite. Namely, there are people who have incredibly fast metabolisms, burning most of their calories no matter how many hamburgers and cheese burgers they eat daily. These people remain thin, their health jeopardized and all the bones visible on their bodies. Therefore, it is reasonable that, in a world where most of the people want to lose weight, they want to finally be able to gain it. Normally people try many things in order to get extra pounds. They use numerous products, drink protein shakes before bedtime, eat excessively. Nevertheless, in most cases this produces no significant effects.

An Extreme Equally Harmful

Being very thin is just as bad as being obese. Thin people have insufficient muscle mass, are weaker and more prone to diseases and infections. Their hair and teeth are of lower quality in comparison to other people with regular body weights. The same goes for their skin. Hormonal imbalances are common for underweight people making them prone to various diseases.

Why Does This Happen?

Even though genetics and metabolism both play important roles in one's body weight, this is not necessarily the case. Rather, people who work or are more physically active thus spending more energy than they intake all tend to be thin. Also, some people do not feel hunger as others do and therefore eat less, resulting in their decreased body weight. Of course, illnesses and various negative health conditions may contribute to permanent weight loss as well. Finally, children may be thin due to malnutrition triggered by eccentric diets of their parents.

How To Gain Weight Successfully?

First and foremost, eating junk food in excess is certainly not a good thing to do. Rather, this may only lead to health problems on the long run. It is very important to seek medical advice, as soon as you notice you are not gaining weight no matter how much you eat. Also, those who lose weight without volition are recommended to seek the same kind of help. After getting examined, the doctor will prescribe the best nutritional patterns one's needs in order to gain adequate weight.

As for the diet, people should eat foods high in carbohydrates and healthy fat. Nevertheless, proteins, vitamins and minerals should be included in one's diet nevertheless.

The best way of ensuring weight gain is adding mashed potatoes and oily gravies to most of your meals. Boiled eggs are an excellent addition as well. Make sure all of your soups have chicken included. Also, after eating, do not drink water for about half an hour.

Include snacks into your daily nutrition, as well as moderate alcohol consumption, along with nuts, fruits and vegetables. Finally, have a butter sandwich before going to sleep.

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