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Only one and quitesimple

When it comes to gaining a bit of weight either unintentionally or with intention, the oneand only explanation comes in the form of food. And quite a lot of food,to be even more precise. In this regard, our body can be said to function inquite a simple manner, which is the one and most important rule that facilitatessuch processes as breathing, for example. A person has to burn more fat in orderto provide enough energy to be able to stroll without any worries, each andevery day. The moment one increases the calorie intake more than one actually needs, our body automatically begins to add on weight, i.e.fats. It can be said that by doing so, our body guards us from any potentialfamine which occurs in those moments when a person lacks any food, and thus therole of fats becomes a key one. At least until the one gets a hold of some “juicy”sandwich, a muffin, a fruit or some snack.

The physics behind weightgain and Zoloft effects

When it comes tothose most logical and frequently encountered explanations physical in nature,they immediately dismiss any thyroid related issues. By ruling out such apotentially huge culprit, what is left is none other but the absence of properexercise combined together with overdoing it with food, and doing that constantly, come tothat. In addition to this, yet another quite common culprit is known to beZoloft, i.e. the side-effects it tends to bring about.

Also, one quitelogical fact that must be taken into consideration is that there exist peoplewho have the tendency and are prone to weight gain, which is directly relatedto consummation of a certain medication or weight-gain product, such as Zoloft, for example. The basis for this claim is that medications have the ability toeither increase or bring down the person’s basal metabolic rate. Once thisoccurs, weight-fluctuations also occur with it, despite the fact that a person inquestion does practically nothing in terms of calories intake. Also, certainpeople can quite easily experience, due to taking certain medications, numerous changes hormonal in nature, which can also induce increase in one’sappetite.

Aside from theaforementioned factors and most frequently encountered weight-gain culprits, also known to affect and facilitate weight gain is the increasein the serotonin levels, which are known to promote hunger.

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